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Dune is a installation art work about the immutability of the desert, in the form of a land-art installation. The project took us through a beautiful human advanture from Casablanca to M'hamid in Morroco. Dune’s goal was to invite the audience to reflect upon our own evolution and that of the planet. Indeed, we are witnessing great changes, often forged through violent conflicts yet the earth is a place still full of wonders and beauty. Here are some of the Photography and quotes from the journal.

Lords of the desert

In my travel I met true lords, people with noble vision. I met people with real dreams and power. Ibrahim had everything because he wanted so little materially, but demanded a lot for his vision. It was a choice, he didn’t have a bank account and his possessions would fit in one suitcase but he had what most people never have. He was close to his roots, he was close to nature, and was respected by his community. Ibrahim and other Nomads we met during our time in M’hamid serve as one example of the many Nomads who are protectors of the Sahara. They bear the message and hold the keys to a treasure of humanity; one that is even more precious today, as our society is distracted from the substance and essentials of life.

An odyssey to meet the
Authenticity can only come with

So I removed my shoes and put on theirs. This project was becoming less and less mine and more and more ours. We decided to use the wind in order to express my message around the border issue... I also wanted to highlight another important issue. The desert was very much alive and many living organisms depended on its fragile ecological balance. But today it was endangered and life was slowly disappearing in the desert and was a prediction of the next global issue: Water.

like the fire I will

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